Who Am I?

My name is Paul. I’m a single Dad and have been a pure internet entrepreneur since the early days in 1996 when I started my company as a thesis for my University of Professional Education.

Since then I have had many different ventures and had to adapt several times to the fast moving online markets. Some of the things we (my company and I) did, or still do, are:

  • We were one of the First pure online Adult toys’ stores in the Netherlands;
  • We own a brand in various dietary supplements, started in 2003, we sold these supplements in Europe, as well as the US with Amazon FBA;
  • We owned an SMS/Text message service, which is a perfect example of something that does not really work anymore (B2C) due to all the other message platforms out there;
  • We own a (family business)  jewelry brand;
  • We have a (Dutch) Social Media Agency;
  • We own and run ChatTemplates.com with a partner;
  • Other than the abovementioned core ventures, we also ran several side projects such as POD (thousands of t-Shirts sold), a cashback/loyalty program, X-Box Live digital codes platform, Gaming Equipment, 3D Gear Glasses and much more.


As you can see there’s a lot that we did in the past decades and we love(d) each and every business opportunity. You HAVE to love what you do, otherwise it will not keep you going: period!


Who will benefit from this course?


Everybody! If you’re in internet marketing, own a business that gives information or needs clients, even if you have a website that is for fun.

While running ChatTemplates.com we noticed a great demand for awesome features in the chats. Almost everybody can make a simple chatbot with ManyChat (I will make sure you will, too!), they make it really easy for you using their flowbuilder.

But … going the extra mile, that seemed a little harder for most. You’d have to know more about how things on the internet work, not just being able to move message boxes around in the right order.

Due to the fact I have had so many years of practice in various fields of expertise, I understand how these things work. I helped ManyChat solve some minor issues in their programs and am a member of their Slack Team of experts.

What you’ll learn during my course, is stated in the table of contents.

I will give you all the tools you need to succeed. It might be a bit technical at some point, but even without technical knowledge or programming skills, you will be able to integrate everything in your own chatbot. And, as a member of my Academy, I will even help you with your integration without you having to pay extra.

I will help you install your PHP files on your server and Dynamic Content requests on ManyChat if you do not know how-to.

If you do not have a server of your own where you can utilize a MySQL database and PHP scripts to run the programs, I offer a tiered program where my team will host your files as well. All you’d have to do is copy-paste the code on the exact location I will explain inside the course.