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The What, Who, Why and Where of our Add-On Shop

Who are you guys? +

Who are you guys?

It's a common question, and a good one! ChatbotShop is a Spin-Off of Social Source. A Dutch company who has been active since 1996. This website is a merger between the Dutch Course website by Social Source, the English ChatbotDojo (#botninja!) and the formet

Why do I need you? +

Why do I need you?

Many many people want extra cool stuff in their Chatflows, but lack the experience to build dynamic scripts and API connections.

That is where we come in! We have created over 25 small and big add-ons you can use by easily copy-pasting the JSON code into your own ManyChat dynamic content or dynamic action section.


What does it cost? +

What does it cost?

We work with credits in our new and improved billing system. Each script can be used by getting credits. A script will cost between 1 and 5 credits, depending on the complexity and the server resources it takes for us to serve it.

If you translate that into real money, it starts at about $0.00194 per request.

Do you have special ManyChat "keywords" I can use? +

Special ManyChat keywords for your account?

Definately, we have a few keywords you may use as a shortcut to our system and keeping track of your account data.

Here are the current ones:

Type "credits" to see what your current Secret License Keys are and how many Credits you have left. From there on, you can also get more credits or merge them into your account.

Type "sync now"or "sync account" to attach your ManyChat userID to credits your bought with Paypal, so you will get notifications in your messenger about your credits.

Give our scripts a Try - It's 100% Free to Try, No personal info Required