We Store Your Specific API Keys for You

Safety First! We Help You Use as Little Code as Possible

We keep your codes Safe! Easy!

By now you must have realized that we're here to make things easy for you!

You don't need 25 Zaps, You don't need Long Integromat Scenarios. Just a simple copy-paste JSON code in a flow we even provide for you to clone and edit!

But, in some occassions, such as our PayPal payment integration, you need some extra keys. To make it easy AND safe, we provide the option to store your keys with us, so we can call them from our server and you do not have to send them as a string in your URL.

Better for you (less code to send), Safer for you (no API keys via webhooks and browsers) and Easy maintain!

Click the button below and enter your Secret License Key for ChatbotDojo's Add-On Shop (this website) and the email address registered to your account. The form with keys will appear and you can update immediately. Fast, Simple. Safe.


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